Small But Mighty Coffee

Growing from an MVP to a sustainable small business.


Small But Mighty Coffee is an independent coffee company based in Chicago IL, with a focus on single origin coffees for coffee explorers.

Starting as a hobby, Small But Mighty Coffee wanted to grow beyond offering coffee to friends and family. We partnered with the business to provide an updated identity, marketing strategy, and e-commerce solution to reach new customers and increase sales.


  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Color Exploration
  • Logo Design
  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click PPC
  • SEO & SEM

Positioning & Messaging

Even hobby projects have an intention behind them, and Small But Mighty is no exception. We worked with the team to define the foundation of the brand positioning and how it is applied to all aspects of the business.

  • From farms, not factories.
  • Support those who are mighty.
  • Coffee with a story.
  • For the coffee explorer.
  • Curated but not elite.
  • Honest and transparent.

Color Exploration

Small But Mighty Coffee started with a minimal black and white palette. We provided an expansive and flexible color pallet that supports their brand and can adapt to their needs.

Logo Design

Since coffee offerings change every month based on availability, we wanted to give each offering its own identity. This meant creating a new logo that supports the coffee while still establishing where it comes from.

Content Strategy

“Coffee with a Story” is the main focus of each offering. We worked with the team to establish an effective way to share those stories across their channels and platforms.

User Experience Design (UX)

Small But Mighty already had an e-commerce store up and running when we started working with them, which was great. What wasn’t great was that it wasn’t supporting the needs of their customers. We did a deep dive into the existing site analytics, conducted user research, and prototyped architecture changes to address the pain points that were keeping visitors from becoming customers.

Website Design & Development

The Small But Mighty team are coffee people, not web development people. So we handle the development and maintenance of their website, making sure it stays up and running and customers can securely make purchases from their store.

Digital Marketing

As an online-only small business, getting in front of the right audience is key. We worked with the Small But Mighty team to define who their ideal customers are and developed a strategy to reach them where they are.

Pay-Per-Click PPC

When done correctly, paid advertising can be an affordable way to get massive amounts of traffic to your site. For Small But Mighty, this meant acquiring new customers. We launched and managed a new customer campaign that resulted in an 84% growth in customer reach in less than a week.


In combination with Pay-Per-Click, we made sure to structure the website to be discoverable by customers searching for their offerings. This meant understanding the audience and making sure the site content was in line with search queries and common questions.


Small But Mighty wanted to expand their reach. We aligned their position and updated the brand to focus on the story of their offerings, opening new doors to go after more market share. More targeted messaging. Better website user experience. A new chapter in their story.

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